Here's a sample of my public work. There's a ton more, reach out if you'd like to see it.

Semantic UI React screenshot

Semantic UI React 2015 - 2017

Why? Work required a React port of Semantic UI. The existing ports were not satisfactory.

How? Use Semantic UI styles and rewrite the components in React. Originally named Stardust, later chosen by the Semantic Org to be the official port.

Technologies: React, Babel, Webpack, Gulp, Karma, Semantic UI, and many others.

Anny screenshot

Anny 2015 - 2016

Why? I wanted to understand artificial neural networks from first principles.

How? An artificial neural network lib for Node.js and the browser. A network state and training visualizer.

Technologies: Angular, Babel, Gulp, Webpack, vis.js, Mocha, and many others.

SparrowBleu Photography screenshot

SparrowBleu Photography 2014 - 2015

Why? SparrowBleu Photography's clients needed a dead simple gallery for reviewing and purchasing photos.

How? A photographer's client proofing gallery for mobile and desktop.

Technologies: Python, Django, S3, Heroku, Bootstrap, Postmark, PostgreSQL, Sentry, and many others.

Bootstyle screenshot

Bootstyle 2014

Why? The Bootstrap customizer lacked some features I wanted. I had an idea for an in-browser theme builder and wanted to give it a shot.

How? An in-browser Bootstrap theme customizer.

Technologies: Angular, Bootstrap, Gulp, CodeMirror, Heroku, Express, and many others.

Open Source

I'm active in the community. See more in my forks on GitHub.


Merged some features.

Semantic Org

I'm an admin.


Merged some features.


I'm a contributor.


Initial setup and tests.


Merged many features and helped plan the v1 API.


I'm a team leader and community leader. I enjoy bringing people together and fostering collective growth.

Dev Coop Meetup screenshot

Dev Coop Meetup 2014 - 2017

Why? Too many Meetups were about talking, I wanted one about doing.

How? A monthly Meetup, Slack team, and GitHub organization focused on hands on collaboration. Attracted well over 100 developers. Sponsored by JetBrains and GravityJack.

3 Strand Code screenshot

3 Strand Code 2015 - 2016

Why? I wanted to help others find joy and purpose in web development.

How? Free senior developer apprenticeships. I helped folks get jobs and helped others advance their careers.


Hi, I'm Levi.

I've been building and leading teams for 7 years. I love remote work. I have what it takes to build and lead effective remote teams.

I'm a second generation software engineer and confessed problem-solving addict. I've been writing code for 13 years. I've been a web developer for 5 years. My background is in design and project management.

I build web apps. My passion is front end development. I love simple UX and beautiful UI. I know Photoshop and Illustrator.

I am at home in vanilla JavaScript and Node.js. I also know JavaScript frameworks, like React and AngularJS on the front end and Express on the back. I do build systems like Webpack and Gulp. I write tests and abide by TDD and BDD.

I am fluent in writing, designing, and using off the shelf front end frameworks. I am proficient with Bootstrap and Semantic UI. I am skilled with preprocessors like SASS and LESS. I'm also into CSS-in-JS solutions.

I know some Python and Django, too.

There's a whole host of other tools in my toolbox proportional to my experience. Contact me if you'd like to hear more about those.



I'd love to chat. I'm looking for problems worth solving, a place that will challenge me, and a place where I can grow.

Let's do something awesome. LinkedIn GitHub